ROBERT THOMAS TECHNOLOGIES—Provider of WordPress and Networking Technologies

Robert Thomas Technologies delivers outstanding WordPress development services

WordPress Development: Beautiful eye-catching websites created from the ground up with security in mind. Visit DetechDev to learn more!

Robert Thomas Technologies delivers outstanding image enhancement services

Image Enhancement: Professional image enhancement and photo restoration services—virtually any edits to your old photographs, digital images, drawings, paintings, and vector artwork can be made.

Robert Thomas Technologies delivers outstanding desktop publishing services

Desktop Publishing: Creative desktop publishing services that make your products, services, or events visually stand out above the rest.

Robert Thomas Technologies delivers outstanding video post-production services

Video Post-Production: Professional video productions that leave your viewers applauding for more.

Robert Thomas Technologies delivers outstanding graphic design services

Graphic Design: Artistic innovation and inspiration that take your screen or print media to the next level.

Robert Thomas Technologies delivers outstanding computer support and advanced troubleshooting services

Advanced Troubleshooting: Swift and efficient problem resolutions that insure your business continues to run smoothly.

Robert Thomas Technologies delivers outstanding networking solutions and network support services

Networking Technologies: Cutting-edge networking technologies and support—assisting you with the installation of new networks and the troubleshooting of existing ones.

Robert Thomas Technologies delivers outstanding computer installation and upgrade services

Installations and Upgrades: Expert installation and upgrade support services for Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

"I have known Bob Thomas for many years. He is an outstanding computer and software technician, premier photographer, and all-around great guy. He is extremely competent, professional, intuitive, creative, and is a great guy to work with. He is very easygoing; very attentive to detail; and can absolutely be counted on to deliver what he promises. Bob has both an incredible work ethic, and an incredible sense of integrity. You can count on Bob for the highest-quality results, delivered when he says they’ll be delivered. I would highly recommend his services to any person or organization."–Gary Heyman, Director, Project Management, Premier Retail Networks

"Working with Bob has been terrific top to bottom. Having been my go-to guy for several years on our home-business network solutions, I am happy to recommend him wholeheartedly. He has been consistently knowledgeable, resourceful, and above all concerned with the quality of his service and our happiness after a job is done. Our networks are always running smoothly and we have Bob to thank for it."–Alex Laurant, entertainment designer - Studio LXL, Novato, CA

"Bob Thomas is someone that everyone with a computer problem should use. His patient manner and expertise make him an excellent teacher and troubleshooter for whatever computer problem you might face. I cannot recommend him more highly."–Ric Laurence, San Rafael, CA

"Robert always 'comes through' for us. He's always on the cutting-edge of technology, and very thorough in his approach to resolving our technology issues."–Marguerite Bachand, Roots of Peace, San Rafael, CA