About Robert Thomas Technologies

Robert Thomas Technologies was established in 2008 by Robert (Bob) Thomas, in response to the growing need for computer and networking support on the West Coast. Robert Thomas Technologies, which is located in the Northern Bay Area, California, provides WordPress development services, network consulting, and general computer support services.

Robert Thomas, Founder

Robert Thomas is a specialist in the field of computer and networking technologies, and has been solving computer hardware and software problems for clients since 1990. He has spent much of his technical career in the field providing consultation and emergency technical support services to a variety of industries across the U.S., including legal, financial, insurance, medical, manufacturing, entertainment, and the U.S. military. Thomas also specializes in network security, and has extensive experience working in highly secure industries. Thomas is aware of the numerous risks present in today’s computing environments, and clearly considers the security of his client’s data a high priority. Thomas is also a WordPress developer, professional photographer, and expert in Adobe Photoshop, and maintains the popular Photoshop and photography website PhotoBlogStop.com. To learn more about Robert Thomas, follow the social media links, or view his online résumé.

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Robert Thomas
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